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My Furniture Store Offers Great Online Choices for Quality Bars and Countertops for Your Home

My Furniture Store Offers Great Online Choices for Quality Bars and Countertops for Your Home

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 21st Aug 2015

Creating the right atmosphere in your home is important when you enjoy entertaining guests regularly. One of the quality bars or countertops that My Furniture Store offers online will help you accomplish this task. We carry a wide variety of these pieces from which you can make your selection. 

A Sampling of Our Quality Bars and Countertops

If you just need a simple, attractive bar to serve drinks from, consider our Bundy Bar Counter Only model that comes in the colour of heritage teak. The solid-pine construction provides a durable bar that will last you for years, and this bar also contains a timber foot rail for people to rest their feet on while they enjoy their beverages.

Maybe our 2UP Bar Counter Only in the shade of heritage teak is more to your liking, as it is larger and more decorative than the Bundy one above is for your home. On the slightly arched front of this selection, there are 6 raised panels, which include 3 small ones across the front with large ones below each of them. The heritage teak stain highlights the grain of the solid pine perfectly. Each set of panels contains a separate timber foot rail.

Our Import (Q/D) 4 Post Bar that contains a fridge space along with a diamond leadlight in an old English colour provides an elegant, solid-timber option in bars and countertops. It also comes with 3 holding racks for wine glasses and storage space behind 2 timber doors on the back side of the bar. The flat front of the bar has 6 raised panels and each of the sides contains 2 raised panels. You can store wine or liquor bottles in the leadlight above the bar.

When you would like to create a bar area with a unique flair, consider our Private Bar with Separate Mirror selection. With this unit, you receive a solid timber-pine bar along with a 4-section, framed mirror. You have the choice between a Private bar sign and a Rose leadlight design for the front of the bar unit. We add in 3 spirit dispensers to enhance the use of this bar.

Another model that provides a conversation piece on top of a useful bar is our Cheers Bar

With Leadlight Glass Top model in the heritage teak colour. The diamond leadlight allows for spacious storage of bottles overhead while underneath the bar, there is a space large enough for a bar fridge. You also receive a chrome, glass holder. The solid-pine construction is in a semi-curved design with a series of flat sections, and each one of the sections contains 3 raised panels in a vertical formation. The continuous foot rail is clear across the front.

Design your living or family room to be reminiscent of the local bar in town with one of our bars and countertops. Decide how ornate you desire the unit to be and select which one of our choices best fits your needs.