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Complete Your Home with Practical Furniture Package Deals Online

Complete Your Home with Practical Furniture Package Deals Online

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 24th Feb 2016

Now that your house is ready for occupancy, make it into a home with practical furniture package deals online and other furnishings. Our website offers a variety of package deals for the bedroom and living room along with packages that combine pieces to furnish both the living room and dining room. You may need to add certain other pieces to these packages to set up the pertinent room completely, but the packages provide you a great place to start when you go to outfit these rooms. Just read about a few examples of what we have to offer in the following information. 

Bedroom Packages

Our bunk bed packages are ideal for a child's room. For one example, the Bobbi Trio package in white includes 13 pieces to outfit a child's bedroom with all the furniture that you need for it. The 13 pieces are:

• One Bobbi metal trio bunk
• One Mission bedside
• One Mission tallboy
• One Comfort double mattress for the bottom bunk
• One Comfort single mattress for the top bunk
• Two mattress protectors, one for each bunk
• Three pillows
• Three pillow protectors

All you need to add is the accessories such as sheets, pillow cases, blankets, comforters and toy storage to create a room any child will love.

Living and Dining Room Packages

Our Rustic, solid timber living and dining package contains 11 pieces, including:

• One #1800 dining table
• Six dining chairs
• One lamp table
• One coffee table
• One #1520 three-door buffet
• One #2100 TV entertainment centre

Just add the seating to the living room area such as one of our recliners and sofas to complete the setup for the living room.

Living Room Packages

My Furniture Store offers three-piece packages to help you furnish your living room. An example of this type of package is our Bayswater MP one that includes:

• One TV lowline unit from Bayswater that contains two leadlight doors, two drawers and two DVD pullouts
• One MCOT-4C coffee table that contains a shelf
• One MCOT-2C lamp table that contains a shelf

Add the right seating and accessories and you are ready for a night of TV viewing and relaxation. The solid timber construction is a medium shade of wood that complements most decor.

The above are only three examples of the practical furniture package deals online that our store offers to all our customers. We hope you do not just stop at these packages, though, since the rest of our site also provides you with other great products for your home. In addition, ask about our delivery, pick-up and finance options.