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Benefits Of Having A Dressing Table With Mirror In Your Bedroom

Benefits Of Having A Dressing Table With Mirror In Your Bedroom

3rd Aug 2023

A dressing table with a mirror is more than just a piece of furniture in your bedroom — it is a personal sanctuary, a style statement, and a practical addition that brings numerous benefits. From offering organised storage to enhancing your decor, a vanity with a mirror profoundly impacts your everyday life and the overall ambience of your room. At My Furniture Store, we understand the pivotal role that this piece of furniture can play, and hence we provide an extensive collection to suit every taste and requirement.

Exploring The Advantages Of A Bedroom Dressing Table With Mirror

1. Organisation and Storage

A dressing table with a mirror offers a dedicated space for cosmetics, skincare products, jewellery, and other personal items. With various drawers and compartments, you can easily organise your belongings, making them readily accessible. This saves time in your morning routine and keeps your bedroom clutter-free and tidy.

2. Comfortable Grooming

A vanity table with a mirror provides a comfortable spot for your beauty and grooming rituals. You can sit relaxed and take time applying makeup, styling your hair, or carrying out your skincare routine. The convenience it brings is incomparable to standing in front of a bathroom mirror, rushing to get ready.

3. Style Statement

A stylish dressing table with a mirror can enhance your bedroom's aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose a vintage style with intricate details, a modern minimalist design, or a rustic wooden table, it can become a focal point in your bedroom, reflecting your style and adding elegance.

4. Versatility

Today’s dressing tables are designed with versatility in mind. Besides serving as a vanity, they can also function as a desk for writing or working on your laptop. Some models come with an adjustable mirror, allowing you to tilt it for the best view or even fold it away when not in use.

5. Better Lighting

Many vanities are designed to incorporate sufficient lighting, making them ideal for makeup applications or skincare routines. This helps you avoid the unflattering overhead lighting in most bathrooms and ensures your makeup looks perfect in any setting.

6. Enhanced Self-Care Routine

A designated space to carry out your skincare and beauty routine can enhance your self-care practices. This personal space allows you to unwind and pamper yourself, turning routine tasks into pleasurable activities.

7. Increased Property Value

Suppose you plan on selling or renting out your home in the future. In that case, a well-furnished bedroom, including a beautiful dressing table with a mirror, can increase its appeal to potential buyers or renters, thereby increasing its value.

Making the Most of Your Dressing Table with Mirror

Once you've chosen the perfect dressing table with a mirror for your bedroom from My Furniture Store, the next step is to make the most of it. Here's how to enhance your vanity table's functionality and aesthetic appeal:

Personalise Your Space

The dressing table is a reflection of your style. Decorate it with your favourite trinkets, photo frames, or small art pieces. Add a stylish chair or stool to complete the look.

Optimise Lighting

Place your dressing table in a location that receives ample natural light. Additionally, consider investing in a good-quality table lamp or LED light strips to ensure optimal lighting for makeup application.

Organise Smartly

Use drawer dividers, small boxes, or cosmetic organisers to keep your beauty products and accessories neatly arranged. This enhances the overall look of your dressing table and saves time, as you can easily find what you need.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your dressing table is crucial to keep it looking as good as new. Wipe it regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth for the mirror to avoid scratches.

Safety Precautions

If you have children, ensure the mirror is securely attached and the table has no sharp edges. Keep all cosmetics and beauty products out of their reach.

Utilise Wall Space

If you find your dressing table crowded despite your efforts to organise it, consider using wall space. Install shelves or wall-mounted organisers to hold additional beauty products or accessories. This creates more storage space and adds a decorative element to your dressing area

Rotate Seasonal Items

To prevent your dressing table from becoming overwhelmed with seasonal beauty products and accessories, rotate them as the seasons change. Keep the current season's essentials accessible while storing the rest in a designated area. This way, you can maintain a clutter-free space while enjoying all your favourite beauty products throughout the year.

Keep Electronics in Check

If you use electronic beauty tools like hairdryers, straighteners, or curling irons, ensure you have a designated space to store them safely. Invest in heat-resistant pouches or storage solutions to keep these items organised and prevent potential hazards.

Share the Space

Establish clear boundaries and organisational guidelines if you share your dressing table with a partner or roommate. Allocate specific areas for each person's beauty products and accessories, and communicate the importance of maintaining a neat and organised space for everyone's convenience.


The benefits of having a dressing table with a mirror in your bedroom are extensive. It adds a touch of luxury while being highly functional, helping to keep your room organised and tidy. Furthermore, it serves as a personal space to enjoy some downtime and pamper yourself.

My Furniture Store has extensive dressing tables for every style, space, and budget. Whether you prefer a classic style or a modern design, you'll find a dressing table with a mirror that will be a perfect addition to your bedroom. Explore our collection today and experience the benefits of having a dressing table with a mirror in your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I choose the right bedroom dressing table with a mirror?

Consider the available space, your storage needs, and your style. At My Furniture Store, we offer a variety of dressing tables in different styles, sizes, and designs to cater to every taste and requirement.

2. Can I use my dressing table as a desk?

Yes, many modern dressing tables are versatile and can double as a desk. You can work on your laptop, write, or draw on it, making it a multi-functional piece of furniture

3. How can I maintain the shine of my dressing table's mirror?

Use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the mirror. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the mirror's surface.

4. Do the dressing tables at My Furniture Store come with a warranty?

Yes, all our furniture pieces come with a warranty. Please check the product description for specific warranty details or contact our customer service team for further information.

5. Do I need professional help to assemble the dressing table?

Our dressing tables come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, and most customers can assemble them without professional help. However, our customer service team is always ready to help if you need assistance.