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The Benefits of Using Underbed Storage for Your Bedroom

The Benefits of Using Underbed Storage for Your Bedroom

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 16th Dec 2015

Bedrooms easily accumulate clutter when there is insufficient storage in the room. Closets and dressers will overflow with clothes, or the children will not have enough places to store their toys out of sight. While it is expensive to invest in custom wardrobes or in a total remodel of the bedrooms to increase storage space, it is more affordable to add a bed with underbed storage to this room. Storage such as this typically comes in the form of at least two built-in drawers on the bed frame below the mattress. 

Storage for Off-Season Clothes

The drawers that provide this type of extra storage are ideal for off-season clothes. In the winter, you can place swimsuits, t-shirts and shorts in the drawers. On the other hand, in the summer you can store sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants and other warm clothes in these drawers. By using the drawers that are under the bed for this type of seasonal storage, you will open up additional room in your closets for clothes that you wear all through the year.

A Place to Store Socks and Underwear

You can store a wealth of socks and underwear in the underbed storage since these items are small and do not take up that much space. Through this, you will free up drawer space in your dresser for other foldable pieces of clothing. No longer will underpants, briefs, socks and even bras be hanging out in the laundry baskets because of inadequate room to store them in the right manner.

Toy Storage

Kids today love the small toys such as interlocking building blocks, cars, dolls with clothes, and other similar items. The only problem is that when the children do not have sufficient space to store their toys, they strew these items all over their bedroom floor to the point that you need to dodge the items as you walk into their bedrooms. Storage drawers under the bed will alleviate this issue.

Books, CDs and Blu-Ray Discs

Books, CDs and Blu-ray discs also will fit nicely in the storage drawers under the bed. You will not even need to leave your room to enjoy your music or Blu-ray player that sits on your dresser. Just another way to benefit from this type of bedroom storage.

When you add a bed with underbed storage, you gain storage space for all the items above along with other items. As a result, the bedroom stays neater now that it has adequate space to store all your or the children's belongings in the proper manner.