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Shabby Chic Furniture Designs: The Unique Old and New Fusion

Shabby Chic Furniture Designs: The Unique Old and New Fusion

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 4th May 2016

When in search of a unique blend of old and new in the appearance of your furniture, you should consider the shabby chic furniture designs that are available on the market today. Designs such as these provide you the ambiance of bygone days through the distressed finishes that they contain. In the past, homeowners could only accomplish such a look with worn pieces of furniture that had endured quite a bit of use throughout the years, or that they distressed on their own, but today, they can find new pieces which offer the same feel and appearance. 

The Benefits of Shabby Chic

When you turn to this style option of furniture, you reap a number of benefits, including:

• With furniture of this style, you will discover that it is ideal for kids and heavy traffic areas. Since it already has a used appearance, it will not show the wear and tear of the years to come as easily as other furniture styles will under the same conditions.

• Shabby chic furniture designs are versatile pieces that blend well with other styles for an eclectic design theme. A theme such as this is a mixture of styles that may include traditional, shabby chic, modern and other styles all together in one room or throughout your home.

• Furniture pieces of the shabby chic style allow you to make a unique statement with your home decor. After all, your house should reflect your personality and not that of others.

• The timeless nature of shabby chic is another benefit of this style. Over the years, your furniture pieces will endure without providing a dated appearance to your home.

Characteristics of Shabby Chic Furnishings

Shabby chic transcends the styles and can range for rustic to French provincial. What identifies this style is that the finish appears worn through distressing or other types of techniques to provide the appearance of age to furniture.

Reap the benefits from shabby chic furnishings through our offerings here at My Furniture Store. We have various pieces that fit into this classification such as:

• Coastal stool model #480H in a M1 whitewash provides durability and fits within this design option.

• Pullman dining table model # VACA-001 in a wire-brush finish is another example of this type of style.

The above are just two examples of the shabby chic furniture designs that we have to offer you here at our store. Please, feel free to browse through our entire line of furniture and accessories at your leisure.