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Elegant Bedroom Suites That Are Made Just For You and Available to Order Online!

Elegant Bedroom Suites That Are Made Just For You and Available to Order Online!

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 4th Dec 2015

When furnishing or remodeling a bedroom in your home, you may be in search of an elegant suite to provide a special ambiance to the room and not merely functionality. You need to seek no further than My Furniture Store since our company offers the widest selection of bedroom suites here in Australia. On top of this, through our online site, you can order from the comfort of your home or office. We are the place to turn, whether you require a single, single-king, double, queen or king-size suite, as we have a vast assortment in each size. 

Single and King Single Suites

Our single or king single suites range from three-piece up to six-piece designs. The size of the room may dictate how many pieces you select with these suites since these sizes of beds typically are for children's bedrooms rather than the ones for adults. One example of the three-piece suites is the Grande that works for both single and king single mattresses. It comes with one bed frame, one tallboy and one bedside unit. With solid timber construction, this suite will last through years of wear. The Fairmont is an example of our six-piece suites for the bedroom. This suite includes one divan bed, two bedside cabinets, two drawers, one single bedhead and six castors. The two drawers are in the divan bed underneath the mattress area. They allow the children to store toys or even clothes up off the floor. Colours for this selection range from white to stipple black.

Double and Queen Suites

My Furniture Store also offers double and queen suites ranging from three-piece to six-piece options. The Tommi is just one of our three-piece, double selections. Since its construction is steel and timber, it complements a modern or contemporary bedroom. It comes with one double bed and two bedside units. Brookvale is an example of our four-piece offerings in bedroom suites. Its solid timber construction comes is an attractive nutmeg shade of wood. In addition, this selection comes with one queen bed complete with underbed storage, one tallboy and two bedside units.

King Suites

You also will discover king suites at our store for when your bedroom is large enough to accommodate one. We carry suites that range from three-piece to six-piece styles. Seattle is a five-piece example of our king suites, and it has a solid timber construction. One bed frame, one dresser, one mirror and two bedside units come with this selection.

The above are just some of the bedroom suites that My Furniture Store offers its customers online. We offer shipping, delivery and pick-up options depending on your location. Feel free to browse all of our options today.