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Choosing the Right Mattress and Bed Frame for Your Bedroom Size

Choosing the Right Mattress and Bed Frame for Your Bedroom Size

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 19th Nov 2015

The purchase of a mattress and bed frame takes some careful thought and consideration to ensure that you select the right ones for your bedroom size. After all, if you select a single mattress for a large room, you will have limited sleeping area and an excess of floor space. On the other hand, when you place a king or super king mattress in a small room, it will take up all the floor space and cause you to bump into walls as you climb in and out of bed. We provide you tips below to help you decide on the ideal size of bed frame and mattress for your bedroom. 

Measure Your Bedroom

Measure the width and length of your bedroom. Jot the measurements down on paper to ensure that you remember them while you consider all of the size options in bed frames and mattresses. You may even sketch out the shape of the room with where you are going to place the bed. The more you can visualise the floor space that you will have left with the bed set in the bedroom, the easier it is to make the right choice for a mattress and bed frame.

Sizes of Mattresses

Once you understand how small or large your bedroom is, you can now consider the mattress size that will fit into it in the ideal manner. Usually, mattresses come in the following sizes:

Single mattress - 920 mm x 1880 mm
King single mattress - 1070 mm x 2030 mm
Double mattress - 1370 mm x 1880 mm
Queen mattress - 1520 mm x 2030 mm
King mattress - 1820 mm x 2030 mm
Super King mattress - 2030 mm x 2030 mm

Types of Bed Frames

Bed frames come in a variety of styles from basic to elaborate ones with headboards and footboards. Select the one that suits the rest of the furnishings in your bedroom the best. Remember that the dimensions of the bed frame will add width and length to your mattress for the total size of your bed.

Calculate the Floor Space around the Bed Frame

Subtract the bed frame dimensions from the room dimensions to find the left over floor space in both width and length in your bedroom. After this, divide each in half to discover the area around the bed in case you are centering it in the room to discover if you have enough space to move in the room without bumping into the walls. In addition, you need sufficient space to open dresser drawers and the closet door. All this leads to the right size of bed frame and mattress for your bedroom.

While a master bedroom that measures 4 metres by 5 metres is ideal for a king or super king mattress and bed frame, a bedroom that measures 3 metres by 3.6 metres is better suited to smaller size mattresses such as the single or double ones. Consider all this information to ensure that you purchase the right bed frame and mattress for your bedroom needs.