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The Versatility of My Furniture Store: We Also Provide Your Home Lighting Needs

The Versatility of My Furniture Store: We Also Provide Your Home Lighting Needs

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 30th Jul 2015

My Furniture Store does not stop at offering a wide assortment of furniture for you to consider since we also carry a large variety of light fixtures to enhance your home. You can select the lighting that properly complements your choices at the same time you select the right pieces for your bedroom, living room and dining room. No need to search elsewhere for your illumination needs. 

Considerations When Purchasing Lighting

Before you can purchase the light fixture for your home, you need to decide first on its purpose. You may need a fixture that will illuminate an entire room, provide soft light to enhance the ambiance of a room, or offer enough brightness next to your bed, sofa or chair so you can read a book. Each purpose typically requires a different type of light fixture.

Types of Lighting at My Furniture Store:

Ceiling Lights

We have a number of chandeliers for you to choose from when you require a light source bright enough to illuminate an entire room. The 8MC005, 8MC004 and 8MC007 ones are ideal for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Whereas, styles 8MC001 and 8MC002 are ornate in design and will provide sufficient lighting and decorative touches to a dining room. These are just some of the possibilities we offer in chandeliers as additional styles await you at our store or website.

Wall Lights

Our wall lights come in different styles, and all add a subtle glow to a room. Certain styles such as the 8MW002, 8MW004 and 8MW008 ones shine their light upwards while other ones such as the 8MW005 or 8MW006 selections project light outwardly. All of these styles and the other wall lights that we carry have coloured or frosted glass shades that help the light shine softly in the room.


My Furniture Store also provides a selection of lamps to sit on tables. Styles 8MT010 and 8MT011 will complement any decor with their sculptural design on the base. The 010 is dark brown and silver with a brown shade while 011 is white and silver with a white shade. If your decor is contemporary or modern, we carry the 8MT009 lamp that offers a metallic glimmer to the room from its base and shade along with the light it provides you. For elegant decor, our model number 8MT012 will fit your needs as it has an ornate design on the shade along with its silver base.

For further details on our versatility with lighting, check these models and others out on our website or come visit our store in person. My Furniture Store strives to be your source for your furniture, lighting and accessory needs for your house.