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Reasons Why You Should Use a Futon Mattress

Reasons Why You Should Use a Futon Mattress

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 30th Sep 2015

When people hear the word futon, they often think of a thin, uncomfortable pad that young people often use to sleep on either at home or away at college. Sadly, this is a major misconception about a futon mattress. A mattress of this style originated in Japan many years ago where layers of padding were set upon a pallet on the floor, for use as a bed. Today, these futons have evolved to include a variety of styles, colours, materials and thicknesses. They also come in chairs and couches with the help of wooden or metal frames since they have the ability to bend and fold. Below, we provide you with reasons why you should own a futon. 


Futons provide you flexibility in the ways that you use them in your house. On a couch frame, you can fold one as both the seat and back cushion. The couch will seat two comfortably. You also can find chair versions of the futons. In addition, the couch and chair frame transform into bed frames, and then the futon is usable as a mattress. For the people who enjoy the minimalist life, the futons are ideal for sleeping on just placed on the floor. You can turn a living room into a guest bedroom quickly, thanks to this style of mattress.

It Provides Comfort

Through the foam core and the 100 percent Australian cotton padding, a futon mattress provides a comfortable lounging or sleeping experience. In addition, this type of mattress is comfortable even on bare skin since the covering also is 100 percent cotton.

Futons Come in a Variety of Styles, Sizes and Colours

When you decide to shop for a futon for your home, you can select from a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Chair and couch versions are available, or you can select the futon alone with any support structures. Sizes vary depending on whether you decide on a chair of a couch. Futon mattresses measure 125 mm to 200 mm thick while they are 1880 mm in length and 1370 mm in width. Colours range from red to dark green in the solid shades, and print designs also are available.

The Economical Mattress Choice

Futon mattresses are the economical choice in mattresses as the range from $250 to $400 when not on sale without a frame of any kind. Prices vary for the couches and chairs. When you think of the price of a regular bed mattress today, you realize what an incredible bargain these mattresses are for you.

Now that you understand the reasons why to own a futon mattress, start shopping today. Once you purchase and sleep on one, you may never return to bed mattresses again.