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Maximise Your Bedroom Space With Bunk Beds

Maximise Your Bedroom Space With Bunk Beds

Posted by NetwizardSEO on 7th Sep 2015

When trying to furnish a small to a medium bedroom, it is of the utmost importance to conserve floor space, especially if it is for your children. After all, they not only need to sleep in this room, but also study and play. An ideal way to outfit this room using as little space as possible is with bunk beds. Beds such as these come in different configurations as in the models from our company of My Furniture Store and often sleep two children. Read on to learn about some of your options. 

Single Camden Style

The Single Camden is constructed with metal tubular steel and includes two single beds. Two children will sleep comfortably and safely in this model as the top bunk comes with a railing around it. Since the Single Camden comes in both silver and white, it will complement other furnishings in the bedroom. A ladder is on the front for access to the upper bunk.

Colorado Trio Triple Style in Model 21-18-2-1-14

The Colorado bunk has a 1.1MM gauge steel frame. It contains a single bed on the top and a double one on the bottom. When compared to other models, this one is the sturdiest of the trio models on the market today. Three children can easily fit on this set of bunk beds, as two can sleep on the bottom with one up top. Select from gloss black or gloss white versions. In this model, there are two ladders with one on each end.

Single Aussie with Timber Posts

The Single Aussie is a mix of metal framework and timber posts, holds two single size mattresses and sleeps two children. Railing all around the top is both decorative and functional. A ladder is on the front for easy access to the top. The headboards and footboards match the design of the railing.

Single Lofty Study Bunk with Two Ladders

With this model, you receive a single bunk up top with a study area underneath. The tubular-metal construction makes this a durable unit. An ergonomic corner desk comes with a chair and a shelf to provide sufficient study space. Single Lofty Study Bunk is ideal for small bedrooms that do not contain enough area to place both a desk and a bed. Even older children appreciate this setup for studying and sleeping.

The above options are only a small sampling of the bunk beds you will discover at My Furniture Store. You will not need to consume all the available space in a bedroom just for sleeping when you select one of these space-saving options. Browse through not only the options here, but also our other options here on our website or in our showroom today to see our complete line of bunk beds.