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Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Time Saving, Practical, and Made Just for You from My Furniture Store

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: Time Saving, Practical, and Made Just for You from My Furniture Store

Posted by Netwizard on 14th Aug 2015

A vanity is one of the main focal points for a homeowner to concentrate on in a bathroom during a new construction or remodel job. Often, it sets the tone for the rest of the room. If you are in search of a bathroom vanity for your home at present, you are in luck, as My Furniture Store provides a number of practical options to save you time that are ideal for your purposes. No matter what style suits your taste, it is likely that we carry it here at our store. 

Examples of Our Bathroom Vanities

Our Single Executive Wall Mount model #CF8611 is ideal for a bathroom that has limited space. The 2-drawer vanity mounts off the floor right onto the wall. A framed mirror comes with this model. The ceramic basin sits on top of the counter instead on in it. With this model's black finish, and metallic handles and faucet, it is ideal for a contemporary or modern style bathroom. Since the basin has a rectangular shape, the vanity does not take up as much space as other styles of vanities require in your bathroom.

When your bathroom calls for a larger single-sink vanity with a bit more counter space, our model #CF-6140 or Single Vanity Set with Mixer, Style D in white and grey may just fulfil your needs. The counter gently flows into the recessed, ceramic basin and up to the other side. You have enough space on each side of the basin to sit your necessities. Grey and white are such neutral tones that this vanity complements a variety of colour schemes. On top of this, the mirror that comes with this model contains shelving on one side of it. In the centre of the vanity bottom, there is a double-door storage area with one drawer under it. Each side of the bottom contains a single-door storage space. The tap is WELS rated.

If your bathroom serves two or more people, then you may require a double-basin vanity, such as our model #CF-8793 Double Vanity Executive Set with Mixer Taps and Mirrors. CF-8793 contains 9 drawers in 3 separate rows of 3 across the bottom part of the vanity. One ceramic basin is on each end of the surface of this unit with a space in between wide enough for your toiletries or other grooming items. With the unit available in both brown and black, you can select the one that best blends with your other bathroom decor. The two framed mirrors also are in the same colour as the unit you order and come with a matching shelf unit that fits in between them. Both mixer taps are WELS rated, and the basins are made with toughened glass.

Feel free to browse our website to view the photos, details and prices of the above models and other vanities that may suit your bathroom. Free pick up is available at our warehouse in Prospect, NSW. Request a quote on the delivery charges to your location.